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Names and lengthJapanese weapon blade ers





The different types of Japanese blades that exist:



Chokuto:Straight single-edged blade developed somewhere in the 10th century, without bending or differential tempering.

Tsurugi or Ken:Straight two-edged blade developed and produced in the 10th century, without bending or differential hardening.

Tachi:A large blade generally longer and more curved than the later Katana, with a Sori (curvature) in Koshizori i.e. the maximum curvature is towards the Koshi, at the base of the blade, near the Nakago. . Tachi were worn hanging, cutting edge down, but were generally not usable. The Tachi was developed and produced before the 15th century.The length of a Tachi blade can be between 75 and 120 cm.

Kodachi:This is a shorter version of the Tachi, with similar attachments but was intended for use. It was mainly developed and produced before and during the 13th century.The length of a Kodachi blade can be between 60 and 65 cm.

Odachi:Or "Very large blade" is also called "Nodachi", it is a very large Tachi,some exceeding 200 cm, Generally, these blades date from the end of the 14th century.

Uchigatana:  These blades were developed from 15th century Tachi blades. Worn with the brim up.

Katate-uchi:Uchigatana Short Bladedeveloped in the 16th century, with a short Nakago, intended for use in Katate, with one hand.

Katana :  Long blade. General term to define the best known traditional Japanese sword, with a curved blade andmeasuring between 60 and 80 cm. The Katana is worn with the cutting edge up. Developed from the Uchi-gatana, from the beginning of the Edo period.

Wakizashi: Short blade measuring between one and two Shaku long (30 cm and 60 cm), made mainly at the beginning of the 17th century. Generally this short blade accompanies the Katana (Dai-sho).

Nagamaki:Weapon with a blade similar to that of a Naginata. But with a straighter blade closer to that of a Tachi or Katana and mounted with a braided handle.

Naginata:Kind of halberd with a single-edged curved blade. Naginata mounts consist of a long wooden handle (about 1.80 cm), of different types and styles. Naginata's blades were made in the same places where Nagamaki's blades were made. There are different lengths of Naginata.

Yari:The Yari is a spear or spear-like weapon. This weapon has different blade shapes. Simple double-edged and flat blades, but also with triangular profiles. The blades are generally symmetrical and straight unlike the Naginata. There are also different lengths.

Tanto:  A knife or dagger. Usually single-edged, some were also double-edged.Their length can be up to 30 cm.

Ken:It is usually a Tanto or Wakizashi type religious or ceremonial blade. The blades can be double-edged and of different lengths.












































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