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Here are testimonials and opinions from customers who have requested "Japanese Sword Workshop" for repair/renovation services for Japanese swords. Our goal is to best meet the needs and expectations of our customers. These little texts touch us a lot, we really know why we restore Japanese swords and we thank you for it.



Luc PILET,Saone-et-Loire(71)

"I entrusted a sword in fairly poor condition to the Japanese Saber Workshop and it came back to me transformed. constantly. In short, I strongly recommend this address if you have a Katana to repair/renovate. Thank you again."



My name is Michel BILLARD, I am from Saintes (17)

I broke the tsuba of my sword during my move, but I didn't know where to have it repaired in a good workshop. My wife went online and found the Katanas site- I called and I came across a great salesperson, who advised me and gave the address of his repair partner, Atelier du saber I explained my problem to the Japanese sword workshop  and they replied that they could fix it for me fairly quickly. I trusted them and I don't regret it at all. They did a very good job for me for a really very reasonable price, with very safe return shipping. 

I   really recommend it to you  all! If one day, I have other work to do , _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ I would definitely call on them again without any problem.

Thanks again to them for the great repair



Kevin GOOSSENS, Theux (Belgium)

“I was advised the Atelier du SabreJaponais, for a braiding on a Tsuka, it was a Katate Maki braiding. After having contacted Mr Blanc, he very quickly provided me with an estimate for the braiding and a date for sending the elements to be provided to carry out the work. Very meticulous in what he does, he very quickly contacted me to obtain certain information on the Tsuka that I provided to him.   Shortly after I received a message with the shipping details, within a week I received the Tsuka. The work was extremely well done, I am also very happy with the braiding which is really sublime. Subsequently, I again contacted the Japanese Saber Workshop for this time, to polish a Wakizashi blade, once again Mr Blanc in his professionalism took care to warn me of the progress work and also on the nature of the work. After the necessary time, I received my Wakizashi almost like new while the blade was very scratched. In conclusion, I can only recommend the Japanese Saber Workshop, if you are looking for quality work done by someone professional and above all passionate, you are in the right place! »_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Eric Laurent,Seine et Marne(77)

While looking on the web for someone capable of carrying out the restoration of a Japanese sword that had just been entrusted to me, I met Denis BLANC by chance.

As a great professional, he explained to me the history of the Wakizashi which was in my hands and knew how to let me choose while advising me on catering.

I now have the pleasure of having a Japanese weapon restored and consistent with its history.




Jean-Louis HUREL,Paris(75)

"I am really very happy with the renovation carried out by Monsieur Blanc. The various works: regluing the lacquer on the Saya, acquisition and assembly of a kojiri,   and adaptation of the koiguchi to be able to store the sword in a saya that was not his, were made with care and the result is successful. Honestly, I think it's a great job and that he can be proud of it. Bravo and thank you to Denis Blanc. I don't I wouldn't hesitate to call on him for future restorations."


Jean-Louis HUREL

Jean-Michel GARRETTA,Bouches-du-Rhone(13)

If the value of a Japanese saber blade is assessed bare and adorned with its only tang, the fact remains that with L'ATELIER DU SABER JAPONAIS, the renovation of the Katana that I brought to you and therefore of all of its accessories was a real adventure that I had the pleasure of living. Thus, it began with an afternoon spent in your company, talking “herringbone” about the blades of Japanese swords, a discussion enlightened by your knowledge of Katanas and their evolution over time. We were thus able to have a more precise idea of the origin and history of my parents' sword. This one not needing to be restored for its "metal part", this discussion continued by the choice made in common of the different options to retain to renovate all the accessories: Tsuka, Tsuba, Saya, etc Once again, these choices were made, piece by piece, based on your technical and historical knowledge of each of these elements. Once the estimate was drawn up and finalized, this adventure continued with precise and regular "reporting" of the metamorphosis of each of the renovations carried out. Finally, the result was beyond all my expectations, and this characterless saber had become a superb Katana. For the record, my parents, who owned this weapon and who ordered this work, surprised me by offer it! The Katana now sits prominently in my room. So I wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful work you have done.


Jean-Michel GARRETTA

Henry FRANCOIS,Alpes-Maritimes(06)

If there are those who do their job with passion, then you are... It was a very great beautiful  and good  experience that I just had_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ with your workshop I will recommend cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ highly at every opportunity. Congratulations again and keep up the good work.


Henry Francois

Pascal Tong,Eure-et-Loir (28)

First of all, I highlight the warm telephone reception that was reserved for me when I called to find out if it was possible to renovate the saber that I had just acquired and which was in a rather deplorable state. . After sending the photos, the return by email was quite reassuring about the possible work and the prices announced perfectly clear according to the options offered. After dropping off my swords, in the end I took the opportunity to also drop off a Shin Gunto whose blade had rusted, I also very much appreciated the messages, with supporting photos, which kept me informed of the progress of the works (spectacular). Finally, on D-Day, needless to say, I was eager to contemplate the final result, the photos of which already announced quality work, I was able to realize that the final result was even beyond my expectations, and always with an exemplary welcome. In summary, it's really a chance to still be able to count on talented and passionate specialists such as I met at the Japanese Saber Workshop, with a quality of work provided very largely up to the prices charged.


Pascal TONG

Veronique DUPUIS,Ardeche (07)

I gave this Wakizashi to my son who was very moved and became aware of its symbolic value. With the Japanese Saber Workshop, we discovered a person passionate about Japanese art, whether martial or cultural. We were very well advised. The repair and assembly work that we had ordered was carried out to perfection. We are delighted to have met you!!


Veronique Dupuis

Xavier LE FUR,Morbihan(56)

Thank you again for the careful renovation of my medieval Japanese sword, you are a great enthusiast.

Do not hesitate to send my contact details in case other of your customers would like to repair their swords


Xavier LE FUR

Jean-Claude TARDIEU,Lower Rhine(67)

I admit I hesitated a little before entrusting you with this Wakizashi because you were  unknown to me, but I am satisfied with the result and I will gladly call on you if the opportunity arises again.


Jean-Claude TARDIEU

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